• The opening hole is a slight dogleg right. A fairway wood or long iron tee shot favoring the left side of the fairway opens the approach shot across Hollin's Creek. Any approach that misses long or right of the green presents a difficult recovery.

    Hole 1
    Gold 388
    Blue 361
    Member 361
    White 341
    Men's Handicap 9
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 11
    Green 325
    Red 309
  • Accuracy is at a premium on this short par 5. Off the tee, the fairway is framed by three majestic oak trees. The second shot across Hollin’s Creek sets up an approach to a narrow green surrounded by sand. This hole offers the best birdie chance on the front nine.
    Hole 2
    Gold 507
    Blue 496
    Member 468
    White 468
    Men's Handicap 5
    Par 5
    Ladies Handicap 7
    Green 369
    Red 363
    Silver 341
  • Your tee ball must avoid the stately oak tree and cavernous bunker to the right of the green. Correct club selection to this deep green, which sits at a left to right angle to the tees, is imperative. Do not flirt with a back right pin placement.
    Hole 3
    Gold 174
    Blue 161
    Member 161
    White 143
    Men's Handicap 17
    Par 3
    Ladies Handicap 15
    Green 124
    Red 112
    Silver 90
  • Your drive should favor the left center of the fairway on this sharp dogleg right. Long or bold players may cut some of the hole’s length by challenging the lake on the right. The second shot is uphill to a severly sloping green. Be careful, this hole can bite you.
    Hole 4
    Gold 418
    Blue 404
    Member 384
    White 384
    Men's Handicap 1
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 9
    Green 364
    Red 352
    Silver 302
  • The simple tee shot on this hole should set up another birdie opportunity. A solid drive that favors the right side of the fairway will leave a short iron and well bunkered.
    Hole 5
    Gold 360
    Blue 349
    Member 349
    White 334
    Men's Handicap 13
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 13
    Green 303
    Red 291
    Silver 247
  • This gentle dogleg left offers long hitters a chance to get home in two, but the slim margin for error makes that a bold play. The prudent path is to lay up your second shot to the right center of the bottleneck fairway, and follow that with a crisp short iron to the elevated green.
    Hole 6
    Gold 539
    Blue 524
    Member 502
    White 502
    Men's Handicap 3
    Par 5
    Ladies Handicap 1
    Green 465
    Red 452
    Silver 413
  • This is the most visually intimidating par 4 on the front nine. A long and precise drive still leaves a lengthy second shot to a very deep and heavily contoured green. The best approach shots will leave your ball below the hole.
    Hole 7
    Gold 425
    Blue 411
    Member 388
    White 388
    Men's Handicap 7
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 3
    Green 359
    Red 328
    Silver 295
  • This mid length par 3 is all carry over water and a yawning bunker short and left of the green. You must pay close attention to the wind, since it tends to swirl among the trees on this picturesque hole.
    Hole 8
    Gold 183
    Blue 172
    Member 172
    White 157
    Men's Handicap 15
    Par 3
    Ladies Handicap 17
    Green 122
    Red 109
    Silver 96
  • Accuracy off the tee is a must, as multiple bunkers pinch the landing area and out of bounds looms large. Long hitters can carry the bunkers, leaving a short approach to a wide green with a decidedly left to right tilt.
    Hole 9
    Gold 404
    Blue 392
    Member 392
    White 378
    Men's Handicap 11
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 13
    Green 350
    Red 335
    Silver 279
  • From the tee, favor the right center of the fairway to set up a mid iron approach to a small, elevated green. Accuracy is at a premium to avoid the lateral hazard that guards the entire right side of this hole.
    Hole 10
    Gold 410
    Blue 399
    Member 385
    White 385
    Men's Handicap 10
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 16
    Green 362
    Red 347
    Silver 285
  • On this long double dog leg par 5, a Larry Packard signature in course design. Two well struck shots that avoid the trees on either side of the fairway will set up a short iron approach and a good chance for birdie.
    Hole 11
    Gold 559
    Blue 535
    Member 535
    White 511
    Men's Handicap 2
    Par 5
    Ladies Handicap 6
    Green 492
    Red 477
    Silver 370
  • A lateral water hazard guards the right side of this short, dogleg right par 4. A long iron or fairway wood from the tee to the left center of the fairway will leave you with a short iron approach across a daunting bunker to a receptive green.
    Hole 12
    Gold 361
    Blue 342
    Member 342
    White 301
    Men's Handicap 14
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 14
    Green 257
    Red 227
    Silver 186
  • Hit it hard and hit it hard again on lucky number 13. This is the longest par 4 on the course and plays even longer since the approach to the green is uphill. Any shot that misses the green left or right will find one of the six greenside bunkers.
    Hole 13
    Gold 450
    Blue 426
    Member 391
    White 391
    Men's Handicap 4
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 8
    Green 373
    Red 363
    Silver 330
  • Do not be deceived by the length of this hole. The well bunkered and very undulating green gives even the best players fits; however this par 3 has yielded the most aces. Pay close attention to the hole location on this very deep green.
    Hole 14
    Gold 167
    Blue 144
    Member 144
    White 126
    Men's Handicap 18
    Par 3
    Ladies Handicap 18
    Green 114
    Red 110
    Silver 105
  • A good drive through a chute of trees and across the wetland will favor the left side of the fairway on this dogleg right. The approach is with a short or mid iron to a tightly guarded green. Stray from the fairway and bogey or worse is likely.
    Hole 15
    Gold 384
    Blue 360
    Member 325
    White 325
    Men's Handicap 6
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 10
    Green 305
    Red 217
    Silver 211
  • Typically into the wind, the longest hole on the course plays even longer than the posted yardage. Two solid shots that avoid the trees left and pot bunkers right set up a delicate approach to a very long and slender putting surface.
    Hole 16
    Gold 574
    Blue 544
    Member 544
    White 516
    Men's Handicap 12
    Par 5
    Ladies Handicap 2
    Green 503
    Red 478
    Silver 387
  • The longest par 3 on the course is made more intimidating by the prevailing headwinds that blow in from the Gulf of Mexico. The tee shot must avoid both the huge bunker to the right of the green and the natural wooded area which creeps in just to the left.
    Hole 17
    Gold 233
    Blue 212
    Member 191
    White 191
    Men's Handicap 16
    Par 3
    Ladies Handicap 12
    Green 170
    Red 146
    Silver 134
  • One of the best finishing holes in the Tampa Bay area will test players of all abilities. The daunting tee shot must avoid the hazard right and bunker left. A long iron or fairway wood second shot must cross Hollin’s Creek to reach the golf course’s most challenging green in regulation.
    Hole 18
    Gold 438
    Blue 421
    Member 396
    White 396
    Men's Handicap 8
    Par 4
    Ladies Handicap 4
    Green 331
    Red 323
    Silver 275